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Adi Roy Aladdin North American Tour of Aladdin Photo Deenvan Meer Disney
Adi Roy Aladdin North American Tour of Aladdin Photo Deenvan Meer Disney

Staging the future is a program created by The American Theatre Guild to give students and under-served community members the experience of live theatre and access to education opportunities. Our hope is to foster passion, inspire creativity and empower the members of our communities.

Staging the future is a program created by The American Theatre Guild to give students and under-served community members the experience of live theatre and access to education opportunities. Our hope is to foster passion, inspire creativity and empower the members of our communities.





Our Staging the Future education program has supported +15,000 underserved youth and community members last season and together we can make a greater impact in the 24/25 season! Our mission is only possible through the generosity of our donors, patrons and sponsors!

The Arts Center, Inc. attending Dear Evan Hansen
The Arts Center, Inc. attending Dear Evan Hansen



Lion King -“This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen.”

Ervin Elementary, 4th Grader

"It's hard to provide this feedback without becoming emotional students from all walks and backgrounds need these types of experience to provide context motivation and inspiration to find their own life paths. We are so grateful."

Iron Middle School, Principal

Lion King "One of our African American students who keeps to themselves commented that all of them are black this was life changing for her to see herself represented in such an amazing venue in performance."

Waters Elementary, Teacher

Lion King "I can't explain how happy I am right now.”

Irons Middle School, 8th grade

My students were literally bouncing up and down of excitement to see this show the look on their faces and the verbal noises they made when the show started reminded me why I became a theater teacher my students will be forever changed by this experience I also believe the quality of our school performances will increase greatly because of this experience.

Irons Middle School, Teacher

"This is the first time for 99% of our students to see a Broadway caliber musical we were not sure how they would respond we knew they would enjoy the show because of the quality and hoped it would impact their appreciation for theatrical productions. It was only when witnessing students of all ages and tears that we realized the experience was changing lives right before our eyes they were riveted by the artistry and quality of production that was beyond our comprehension with its diverse casts intimate Talkback opportunities from the actors and presented in a one-of-a-kind facility The Lion King touched our student souls and broadened their view of the world tenfold."

Lubbock ISD, Exec. Fine Arts Director

"Our students throughout the entire performance were giddy to see and hear music from beloved movie played out in front of them they also loved the Q&A session and especially at the end and how the actors and dancers came from schools and situations just like theirs."

Evan Middle School, Teacher

"I got to experience this with the students who had never been their expression their gratitude their laughter their smiles and each student recalling their favorite element of the musical on the bus drive home is forever ingrained in my mind thank you for this opportunity to make memories!"

Meadgen Elementary, Teacher

"On March 2nd, we took 25 students and five staff/chaperones to the production of Six. This was a new experience for all our students and some of the staff. It was a joy to see their reactions to the city, the building, and the show. One of our students wants to be a costume design major, and here is what he had to say: "Six the musical was amazing!" -Seferino

I can't thank you enough for providing our students with this opportunity! It impacted their lives, whether they realize it now or later."

Garden City Community College TRIO Student Support Services

"Most of my students didn't know what to expect. They only knew that Stomp was some guys banging on trash cans. They show blew them all away! It had humor, incredibly skilled performers, and interaction with the audience. On the bus ride home, a group of guys broke out into their own drum session. I smiled all the way home. The next day one of my students thanked me for taking him to the show. He had never gone to a play before and didn't think he would ever get the opportunity. I just want to thank the American Theatre Guild for allowing me to take my students to see Stomp! It changed how they perceived the arts."

Phillips High School Theatre Group

"We had the most amazing time with the 50 students and leaders that were able to attend because of your generous donation. We reach students that would not usually have the chance to attend such a special event and experience. It was so fun to see their faces as they watched the show. They were on their best behavior and left feeling blessed to have been given the opportunity. Thank you so much for including us in this gift."

Lane County Youth for Christ

“This experience was amazing and eye-opening! I loved being able to see a musical performed by professional actors. I now want to see many more plays.”

Tylie G.

“Thank you, American Theatre Guild, for the tickets to Dear Evan Hansen. I greatly enjoyed the show, as well as the messages the show brought to light, like the problems with social media. Thank you!”

Jimmy R.

“I would like to thank you for your very generous donation into all of our hearts and minds, as well as for showing us and proving to others that theatre is a gift for all to enjoy.”

Isaac G.

“Thank you, American Theatre Guild! We really enjoyed going out and watching Dear Evan Hansen! You allowed us to do something we couldn’t have if it weren’t for your funding. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Mason F.

“Thank you so much! This was such a great experience to have. It was wonderful to see acting on a greater level than just school performances.”

Chelsea C.

“Thank you so much for allowing me to experience such a great play! I loved it! It was the best that I have ever seen. I also loved the building as well.”

Soriya E.

“Thank you so much for giving our school the tickets! It truly means a lot to have something like this. It seemed so small to some people but so big to me!”

Sierra H.

“Thank you for letting me experience this wonderful play! This experience opened my eyes and heart to the world of theatre. Now I know that theatre is meant for me.”

Letzi V.

“Thank you to the American Theatre Guild for giving us this incredible experience. It was amazing to be able to watch this amazing production.”

Abigail R.

“I am grateful for the opportunity ATG gave us. I had a great experience, and I had a lot of fun. Without your help, I would have never been able to watch Dear Evan Hansen.”

Mia V.

“Thank you for letting us go see Dear Evan Hansen! We had a great time and got to experience many things that we wouldn’t originally be able to do. Having the chance to dress up and go made me feel excited.”

Karen R.

“Thank you. The opportunity to see a show of this caliber is not something that I will get very often, and it was an amazing experience. I am truly thankful for this gift.”

Mason T.

“Thank you so much for the tickets! I’m so glad you did this for us!”

Thomas R.

“Thank you! This show was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed this experience so much, and I will definitely be seeing another show again!”

Kambrie W.

“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to see something so amazing. It truly opened my mind. I will never forget this.”

Edna A.

"Thank you for giving us this amazing opportunity. Truly, this is a dream come true. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Abby H.

“Thank you! Thank you for the opportunity and the tickets. We greatly appreciate it! I loved the show. It was beautifully done.”

Isabel P.

“This is something that I will never forget.”

Morgan T.

“Thank you so much for allowing us to watch this play. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget. This was the best play I have watched, which really changed my outlook on life.”

Dreah B.

“Thank you so much! It was an amazing experience you provided for my classmates and me! It was mind-blowing to see all of the technology in that building! The lights were awesome! We have six dimmer switches on the wall that control our colored lights, so it was so fun to see real stage lights.”

Hanna J.

“Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and for helping us make great memories. It was life-changing and something that I won’t ever be able to forget.”

Emily N.



For insight on Broadway career paths, click through the careers below and learn more.

Click here to access more theatre careers and concept resources compiled by our friends at The Broadway League.



They say it takes a village to raise a child but it is takes a crew, presenters, stage hands, actors, musicians, marketers, venue staff, and more to put on a show.

For more theatre careers and concepts resources, click here.





Attending a live theatrical performance can be an exciting event, especially for first time theatre goers! Below are just a few tips to share with your students to help make your trip a successful one.

Attending a live theatrical performance can be an exciting event, especially for first time theatre goers! Below are just a few tips to share with your students to help make your trip a successful one.



Check the location of the theatre if your school or organization is not providing transport. Determine public transportation schedule, parking location and fees. Go to the theater’s website and please read and follow theatre health and safety guidelines. Consider eating before you attend as no outside food or beverages are allowed in the theatre.


When attending a live performance, make sure to put your best foot forward! Fresh clothes, groomed hair, and clean faces are the easiest way to present yourself for a night out at the theatre.


Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early to your scheduled performance; even earlier if you are picking up tickets from will call. This will allow you enough time to distribute the tickets, find your seats, and get settled before the performance begins. If you arrive late, sometimes you will be held in the lobby of the theatre until there is a break in the performance before you are allowed in to your seats.


Cell phones going off during the performance is not only distracting to those around you, it is disturbing to the performers onstage. Please make sure that all devices are silenced before you enter the theatre to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. Flash photography inside the theater is never permitted – it is a distraction and danger to performers.


As with cell phones going off, speaking during a performance is just as disruptive. Please try to keep all comments until intermission or the end of the performance to allow everyone to enjoy the full show.


In appropriate moments during the performance, and at the end of the show, make sure you show the performers how much you enjoyed the show by clapping during the curtain call. Sometimes, if the performance was especially entertaining, the audience will stand to let the actors know that they were outstanding!


Let's Recap the 6 Tips for Attending the Theatre:

1. Plan your visit. | 2. Follow appropriate theatre attire guidelines. | 3. Arrive early. | 4. Silence your phone. | 5. Be respectful. | 6. Show your appreciation.

Once you have these down - you are all set.
We look forward to seeing you at the theatre!



Disney's ALADDIN






Learn more about how you can support our mission today!



Staging the future is a program created by The American Theatre Guild to provide students and under-served community members the ability to experience live theatre and access to education opportunities. Our hope is to foster passion, inspire creativity and empower members within our communities.

To see if your organization is eligible for Staging the Future subsidized tickets and to apply please go to

Staging the Future beneficiaries are underserved youth from Title I schools and organizations that serve youth or community members of whom at least 50% are considered low-income, have special needs or otherwise underserved.

Absolutely! When you choose to donate to a particular city, your contribution will be directed towards aiding underprivileged youth and community members in that area. Opting for the American Theatre Guild's Staging the Future fund ensures that your donation directly benefits those who are most in need.

Becoming a part of the Donor Circle membership offers an exclusive season package with an additional benefit: a $25 contribution to the American Theatre Guild's Staging the Future education program. This program aims to provide underprivileged students and community members in your area with the opportunity to experience live theater while also providing access to educational resources.

We invite you to explore the Staging the Future website, where we love sharing feedback from those who have benefited from the program. Hear about their incredible experiences, made possible through the generous support of our patrons and donors!

The "Staging the Future" donation may be listed on your invoice if you've bought a donor membership package that includes a $25 contribution toward "Staging the Future," aimed at supporting underprivileged students in your locality to enjoy live theater. Additionally, you might notice a "Staging the Future" donation on your invoice if you've made a separate contribution when purchasing your show tickets.

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