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AXS Mobile ID is digital ticketing technology that provides the flexibility and convenience of safely and securely managing tickets online or in the AXS mobile app and is the preferred admission method for the Pikes Peak Center. It eliminates paper tickets and allows you to enter the venue with your AXS Mobile ID and manage your tickets digitally. AXS Mobile ID gives you the ability to transfer, sell and buy seats through an official marketplace endorsed by the Pikes Peak Center.

AXS Mobile ID via the AXS app is the only form of entry, but if you don’t have access to a smartphone, you may use the credit card you used to purchase the tickets.
1. Get the AXS app if you haven't already
2. Open the App and sign in to see your tickets.
3. Show the ticket in the App at the entrance and get them scanned to enter.
4. Enjoy the event!

Bought tickets for a group? Make sure everyone enters together OR transfer tickets to friends before the event & have them follow the steps in the question above to enter the venue. Visit HERE for more information.

AXS Mobile ID will be available to view/display even if connectivity may be intermittent at the theater.

Open the AXS app and select either the large circle at the bottom containing your initials or the smaller ticket icon at the bottom – your upcoming tickets will display via QR code.

Due the nature of the ticket and it’s barcode that changes every 59 seconds, your tickets will need to presented on your AXS App. By downloading the AXS app on your mobile device, you will have access to your tickets on AXS Mobile ID at any time.

No, screenshots of tickets will not be accepted.

A ticket transfer allows you to digitally give each guest in your party their own ticket via AXS Mobile ID. With seat transfers, you no longer need to worry about delivering the paper tickets to them in advance or meeting them outside of the gates to walk in together. There is no fee for transferring seats and you are allowed unlimited transfers.

Your guests will need to create an AXS account to receive tickets. Guests can transfer the tickets back to you if they can’t attend or you can cancel the transfer if they have yet to set up their AXS account. If they already have an AXS account set up the tickets will go in their account automatically.

Here's how it works:
1. Click the Transfer button next to the event in your AXS account.
2. Select the tickets to transfer and enter the recipient's information.
3. On the review page, click the Transfer button to send the tickets.

The recipient will get an email about the transfer, and they’ll need to create an AXS account (if they don’t have one yet) to complete the transfer. After that, the tickets will be theirs to use with the AXS app.

The one QR code displayed via AXS Mobile ID contains all tickets you have for the show. Just display the QR code to our guest services staff member and you will be good to go! If members of your party are arriving separately you will need to transfer their tickets to them via ticket transfer outlined within the above question.

No, all tickets should be accessible and utilized via AXS Mobile ID.

Yes, when tickets are reissued to your AXS account it will deactivate the barcodes on your tickets that were previously printed. There can only be one valid form of entry.

No, the ticket scanners are unable to scan printed mobile barcodes.

No, the screen is too large and the scanners are unable to scan those barcodes.

First, try to log out and log back into the AXS app, and if the tickets still do not show please visit the Pikes Peak Center Box Office. Also, you will need to ensure you’re using the same email and password from when you purchased the tickets.

Your credit card used for purchase can be provided at the door as we can utilize that as a valid form of entry to look up your tickets. You may also visit the Pikes Peak Center Box Office and we will assist.

First, try to log out and log back into the AXS app by utilizing the email address you used to purchase the tickets and receive your confirmation email. If the tickets still do not show please visit the Pikes Peak Center Box Office.



The Box Office Staff at the Pikes Peak Center can assist you in purchasing accessible seating. Please contact to purchase accessible seating. 

The official ticket seller for all Broadway At Pikes Peak Center shows is AXS and All other websites selling tickets are being sold through a third party for inflated prices, and in many cases, your ticket purchase cannot be guaranteed. When purchasing tickets, look at the address bar of your browser to confirm it indicates The best way to purchase tickets and learn more about each show is through

No. Another benefit to being a season member is at renewal time, you can elect to pay for your subscription with easy payments. Renew online or by phone before the deadline and request the "Payment Plan" option as you send in the appropriate payment. We are happy to customize a payment plan to your needs.

For security purposes, only the person whose name is on the account may access information or order additional tickets using that account number. We are happy to provide additional tickets to any Broadway At Pikes Peak Center show for your family and friends, but the request must come from the account holder.

Group minimums vary per show. If you have a group of 10+, tickets can be purchased through our group sales representative; please contact the The American Theatre Guild group sales line 800.776.7469 or email for more info.

When joining the Donor Circle, your season membership price includes a $25 donation to American Theatre Guild’s Staging the Future program which enables students and underserved community members the ability to experience live theatre and provides access to education opportunities.



Season tickets will no longer be mailed. If you request hard tickets, a fee may apply. Contact the box office for more information.

Address changes can only be made by the account holder in writing. If you are relocating, please send a letter including your Broadway At Pikes Peak Center account number, your old and new address and telephone change (if applicable) and mail it to 190 S Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. We are not responsible for items not forwarded by the post office.

Yes, it is possible to give your seats to a friend. Contact Broadway At Pikes Peak Center by emailing, providing your friend’s complete information and sending that along with the payment before the renewal deadline.

Changes to your seating can be requested at the time of renewal. In order to be considered for an upgrade, you must renew your season account by the renewal deadline. Upgrades become available when other season members choose not to renew or change the day they attend. In fairness to everyone, all requests are processed by date received. We try to honor each request, however it is difficult to predict the availability of locations until the renewal campaign is complete. The more flexible you are the better the chance we can fulfill your request. Once an upgrade request is fulfilled it is impossible to get back your old locations, as they are used to upgrade someone else.

When you renew your seats, you can make a request to upgrade your seats for the next season or request any kind of change. Requests can include, but limited to, improving your seating, changing performance times or making a custom request such as moving to aisle seats or moving back, etc.
During the renewal period, every seat has the opportunity to be renewed. When the deadline passes, we open up all the seats that don’t get renewed. Generally, this is about 2 weeks after the renewal deadline.

If you are out of town or unavailable during this process, there are several options available. You could designate a friend to authorize changes on your behalf that we could call during that time. You can also tell us when you make your seating request that you authorize the ticketing office to choose the best seats available per your request. Our staff is very knowledgeable about the seating, and if we know what you want, we can recommend the seats to suit your request.

Seating changes are made in the order in which payment was made to renew seats. So, the sooner you renew your seats, the closer to the top of the list you will be. Keep in mind, seating options from one year to the next all depend on current season members renewing. If every patron in front of you renews, you will not have the opportunity to move forward. Renewals in the theaters’ premium areas are very high, so it is more difficult to make changes in those areas.

Season tickets may be cancelled and refunded in full, so long as the requested refund is received prior to tickets being made available. Once your tickets are available via your account, no refunds or cancellations will be accepted.

We are unable to hold your seats without payment in full or a partial payment with a payment plan. If accounts are not paid or partially paid by the deadline, seats are released. Any returning season members would be considered as new accounts and seated with the best available locations at that time.

Splitting season accounts can be done if the current account holder makes this request before season tickets are received. Complete address information on the parties’ involved need to be included with their payment in full.

Season tickets will now be digital, available via your AXS account. Season tickets will no longer be mailed. If you request hard tickets, a fee may apply. Contact the box office for more information.



For information about accessible seating or other special accommodations click HERE. For additional information, please contact the Pikes Peak Center via email at

Visit HERE for more information.

Visit HERE for more information regarding visiting the Pikes Peak Center.



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