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Broadway In Birmingham FAQ

We’re working directly with tour producers and listening to the advice of government agencies, The Broadway League, and healthcare professionals to ensure a safe return for all patrons and staff. We will update our website with new safety measures at the BJCC Concert Hall as they become available to ensure a secure return.

The Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex has received the Global Biorisk Advisory Council Star Accreditation. To read more about what this means for your experience attending our shows, click here.

Season tickets will no longer be mailed. If you request hard tickets, a fee may apply. Contact the Broadway In Birmingham Series for more information. 

The official ticket seller for all Broadway In Birmingham shows is TicketMaster. All other websites selling tickets are being sold through a third party for inflated prices, and in many cases, your ticket purchase cannot be guaranteed. When purchasing tickets, look at the address bar of your browser to confirm it indicates The best way to purchase tickets and learn more about each show is through

No. Another of the benefits of being a Season Member is that at the time of renewing or joining, you can elect to pay for your season membership in 4, 6 or 10 easy payments. Renew before the deadline and select the Payment Plan option online or request the payment plan option when you call the Broadway In Birmingham Series to renew. To take advantage of the Payment Plan, you must use valid credit card.

Select "Payment Plan" option as you send in the appropriate payment. We are happy to customize a payment plan to your needs.

Yes, it is possible to give your seats to a friend. Contact the Broadway In Birmingham Series by calling 800.776.7469 and provide your friend’s complete information and send that along with the payment before the renewal deadline.

Changes to your seating can be requested at the time of renewal. In order to be considered for an upgrade, you must renew your season account by the renewal deadline. Upgrades become available when other season members choose not to renew or change the day they attend. In fairness to everyone, all requests are processed by date received. We try to honor each request, however it is difficult to predict the availability of locations until the renewal campaign is complete. The more flexible you are the better the chance we can fulfill your request. Once an upgrade request is fulfilled it is impossible to get back your old locations, as they are used to upgrade someone else.

When you renew your seats, you can make a request to upgrade your seats online or via the Broadway In Birmingham Series. Requests can include, but are not limited to: improving your seating, changing performance times or making a custom request such as moving to aisle seats or moving back, etc.

During the renewal period, every seat has the opportunity to be renewed. When the deadline passes, we open up all the seats that don’t get renewed. Generally, this is about 2 weeks after the renewal deadline. Expect to hear from us within a month after that renewal deadline.

If you are out of town or unavailable during this process, there are several options available. The best is to give us your contact number during that time. You could designate a friend to authorize changes on your behalf that we could call during that time. You can also tell us when you make your seating request that you authorize the ticketing office to choose the best seats available per your request. Our staff is very knowledgeable about the seating, and if we know what you want, we can recommend the seats to suit your request.

Seating changes are made in the order in which payment was made to renew seats. So, the sooner you renew your seats, the closer to the top of the list you will be. Keep in mind, seating options from one year to the next all depend on current season members renewing. If every patron in front of you renews, you will not have the opportunity to move forward. Renewals in the theaters’ premium areas are very high, so it is more difficult to make changes in those areas.

Please contact the Broadway In Birmingham Series, 800.776.7469 to inquire about your refunds options.

We are unable to hold your seats without payment in full, a partial payment with a payment plan, or a $50/seat deposit. If no payment is made on the account by the deadline, seats are released. Any returning season members would be considered as new accounts and seated in the best available location at that time.

Although we are unable to offer refunds on shows previously seen, we may be able to help. Season members may swap out of one show in the season package and into a Season Add-On. Swaps are available later this summer. Please call us at 800.776.7469 with any questions.

Splitting season accounts can be done if the current account holder makes this request in writing to our office before tickets are received. Complete address information on the parties’ involved need to be included with their payment in full.

For security purposes, only the person whose name is on the account may access information or order additional tickets using that account number. We are happy to provide additional tickets to any American Theatre Guild show for your family and friends, but the request must come from the account holder. All tickets ordered will be delivered to the email address on the account. No exceptions.

New! Season tickets will now be digital, available via your account. Season tickets will no longer be mailed. If you request hard tickets, a fee may apply. Contact the Broadway In Birmingham Series at 800.776.7469 for more information.

The Ticketmaster Arts Line has been reactivated and is dedicated to theatre and Broadway tour production sales and support. For any questions regarding a single ticket purchase, call 800.982.2787.

Please visit the home page for links to all your questions. If you need further assistance, send us an email at
or call the Broadway In Birmingham Series at 800.776.7469

Parties of 10 or more for an individual show can be purchased through our group sales representative; please contact the American Theatre Guild group sales line 800.776.7469 for complete information.


  • To exchange the night of a season show, or to swap into a season add-on, Click Exchange/Swap/Transfer Tickets.
  • Select the event and the seats you want to exchange. This will pull up a list of the shows you can exchange/swap into. Select the event you want to exchange into.
  • A seating chart for that event will appear. Highlight your desired sections and the available seats will appear.
  • Select the seat(s) you want by clicking on them.
  • You will get a summary of your old seats and your new seats. Confirm this is what you want to do.
  • Select method of delivery-mail or mobile. Click Continue.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and click Submit.
  • You will receive an email confirmation. Please confirm your order.
  • To begin forwarding your tickets to someone, click Exchange/Swap/Transfer Tickets.
  • When your shows are displayed, hit Transfer at top and check the show you want to transfer.
  • Hit NEXT
  • Select the seats you wish to transfer and hit NEXT.
  • Here you can add a New Recipient or select the current one if the desired recipient is listed. Please Note: If you are sending to a new recipient, you must have their name and email address.
  • After selecting your recipient, you will be given the option to include a message. Once you have completed your message, or if you wish to skip this step, hit transfer
  • Once you have transferred the tickets, the recipient will receive a notification email and has until the day of show to accept the tickets.
  • You will receive an email when the tickets have been accepted.

To buy tickets to the season add-on or additional tickets to a season show, click Buy Tickets.

  • Click Select for the event you want to purchase. A seating chart of the theatre will appear.
  • At top left, you can add (+) or subtract (-) the number of seats you want to purchase.
  • When you highlight a section of the theater, the available seats will appear.
  • Select the seat(s) you want by clicking on them - this will put them in your shopping cart.
  • Hit Continue and Proceed to Checkout. If you want additional tickets, click Continue Shopping.
  • Confirm your contact information, make changes if needed. Click Continue.
  • Select a delivery method- mail or mobile delivery. Click Continue.
  • Select to pay in full or use a payment plan. Select Payment method and enter card info. Note: If your account has a credit, you can choose to apply it towards payment amount.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and click Submit Order.
  • You will receive an email confirmation. Please confirm your order.


Tickets that are accessed through your smartphone. Broadway In Birmingham is encouraging patrons to switch over to mobile ticketing as it is a more secure and easier way to manage tickets, along with a contactless experience.

Connectivity may be intermittent at the theatre; we encourage you to view your tickets on your mobile device and add them to your Digital Wallet (Apple Wallet or Google Pay for androids) before heading to the show.

Currently mobile tickets are not visible on your account, they will be made available later this summer, please check back here for instructions when they are available.

When your mobile tickets become available on your account, follow these steps below:
Using your cellphone - Login to your Account at:
Click "Manage Tickets"
Click on the "View Tickets" - your mobile tickets should show up on this screen.
Click on each event to Download to your Digital Wallet on your phone.

No, screenshots of tickets will not be accepted. We recommend saving your mobile tickets to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay prior to arriving at the theatre.

When your mobile tickets become available on your account, follow these steps below:
Using your cellphone - Login to your Account at:
Click "Manage Tickets"
Click on "Transfer"
Complete the information to send tickets - you must have the email address of the person you are sending tickets to.
They will receive an email that you've transferred tickets to them.
The recipient must follow that link and accept the transferred tickets.
The recipient is now the owner of these seats and can download them to their Digital Wallet on their phone.

Yes. All patrons should enter at the same time using the tickets displayed via your Broadway In Birmingham account on Ticketmaster, Apple Wallet, or Google Pay on your mobile device. If members of your party are arriving separately, then you will need to transfer the ticket they will be using for entry to them via your Broadway In Birmingham account on Ticketmaster. The recipient of the tickets will need to create a Broadway In Birmingham account on Ticketmaster to receive the tickets (they do not need to purchase Season seats to create an account).

Yes, all tickets for 19-20 performances of RAIN and WAITRESS are valid, unless they’ve been refunded by the original purchaser. These tickets are available via digital/mobile ticket.

No. If tickets were already printed, then your Broadway In Birmingham account on Ticketmaster will display the existing barcode. If tickets have not already been printed, then your Broadway In Birmingham account will generate a barcode when the tickets are retrieved.

No. If tickets were already printed, then your Broadway In Birmingham account on Ticketmaster will display the existing barcode via a mobile device.

No, the ticket scanners are unable to scan printed mobile barcodes.

No, the screen is too large and the scanners are unable to scan those barcodes.

No. Tickets retrieved on your mobile device logged into your Broadway In Birmingham account on Ticketmaster will now be considered printed. The tickets will not be available for pickup at the box office. You should present the ticket displayed in your Broadway In Birmingham Account on your mobile device to be scanned for entry at the theatre.

Please contact us at our office either by phone at 800.776.7469, or by email at, Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. CST.

The printing fee is $2.00.

Mobile tickets will be available and viewable in your account later this summer. If you are logged into your Broadway In Birmingham account on Ticketmaster and do not see your tickets, please contact us at or via phone at 800.776.7469 in advance.

We encourage you to charge your device before you come to the theatre, but you may always go to the box office for assistance.

Go to the Box Office and they will assist you.

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